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One-To-One Running Movement Sessions

We offer free advice during our running shoe fitting appointments, but more of you are asking for more detailed advice.

We can now offer you a one-to-one Running Movement Session which involves monitoring the whole body, not just the feet!

This private 45-minute session with one of our sports therapists takes place in a local park, not on a machine. After a warm up, a series of running drills will be undertaken and videoed.


These will then be analysed and immediate feedback given with coaching points to improve form.


Then it’s time to practice, and video again to show the improvements.

This session can be booked in conjunction with a shoe fitting but not exclusively, to maximise the best opportunity to get a running shoe suited to your style.

This is perfect for those of you who suffer from injury, blisters and other niggles every time you run.

If you want to run better, and above all, enjoy running, then book a session. It’s cheaper than a new pair of running shoes and may just be the magic bullet you have been searching for.

NB Changing running form can take a long time, often months. While immediate improvements will be made, the body takes time to adjust and we must practice good form continually to become habitual, and not just in our running. There is no quick fix!

Gait Analysis.jpg



£45 for 45 min session

(If a pair of running shoes is purchased following the session, this price is reduced to £30).

We can also travel to you. Please contact us to request a quotation.

We can also do this as a gift voucher for someone. We present it as a small pack of information for the recipient and then all they need to do is call and book.

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