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Injury Advice

Colin is a fully qualified sports therapist who can provide you with injury advice, treatment options or assessments...

During a shoe fitting appointment, it may become apparent that the problem lies deeper than a new pair of shoes is capable of fixing… this is where a sports therapist come in!


Colin understands how the body moves and works when running (and most other sports!) and can help you to understand what the underlying issue might be.


This could be through a movement workshop where we analyse what’s going on during your run, or special tests designed to diagnose certain injuries, or it could be a simple fix by just incorporating some strength-based work into your training, which we can also help you with.


We also offer kinesiology taping, sports massage and even virtual consultations!

Whatever it is, we’re here to advise and help. Ensuring our runners are injury free and running happy is behind everything that we do.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact our Tavistock store on 01822 612548

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