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Map Reading For Runners

These courses are in response to many requests from runners of both road and trail who 'can’t navigate'.


The aim of the courses is to enable runners to venture out into open spaces with confidence, kickstarting their map reading abilities as an off road runner.


The sessions are designed to be fun and stress-free, and are open to beginners and more experienced off-road runners.              


Basic Navigation & Map Reading for Runners

(max. 6 people per group)


Whole Day:

£60 per person


Evening Sessions (2 hours):

£40 per person

(Summer only. Need to book two evening sessions across two consecutive weeks)

Advanced Map Reading for Runners
(max. 4 people per group)

3 Hours:

£40 per person


Please Note:

  • Map reading equipment supplied.

  • Bespoke packages can be arranged to suit individual needs.

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