Col's Blog: An update of what is occurring at your favourite running hubs

Dearly beloved runners,

Please take a moment to breathe and relax before we begin.

We are bombarded from inexhaustible sources of information and as the pace of just living increases, there is rarely an opportunity to just stop and pause.

To that end, as I write this, I am conscious that I am potentially adding to that burden of information, but this is not a lecture, a rant or an educational sermon; just an information update or bulletin, if you will, to read at your leisure.

To assist in its digest, for those with a lack of time and/ or patience, I will summarise the following paragraphs in bullet points at the end, so please feel free to skip to the end if that is your want.

For the less hurried, here is an update of what is occurring at your favourite running hubs as we enter a period of economic change and an apprehension of supposedly impending doom this winter.

This is probably overdue, but like you, I have been busy cheating the sunrise each day raising a family, running a business and maintaining my own health, both physical and mental.

Don’t worry, this is not a blog of gloom; far from it. As a born optimist, I see all of what I am about to tell you as a positive step in providing you with a sustainable running hub for the future.

So here goes...

Our Helston store in Cornwall has now closed for good

There was a time when I thought we might re-open but personally I have not been able to give it the time investment needed to provide you all with the right service you deserve. Fortunately, in deepest Cornwall, you have another running store in PB Running to visit and I encourage you to support local. Use it or lose it! For all of your other running needs, just drop us an email and we can see what we can sort remotely.

Our Tavistock store opening hours are changing

From 5 October 2022, we will be changing our Wednesday opening hours to 10:30 – 7pm. This is in response to customer feedback who often can’t get to the store in the daytime or on a Saturday. We will run this until the end of the year and if successful, carry it over into next year.

Changes to our appointment booking system

From October 2022, we will also be changing our booking system. You will no longer need to book an appointment for shoe fittings, packs, waterproofs, etc.

Visit our sports therapy clinic

For those who are not in the know, we can now provide sports massage, sports therapy and also one-to-one personal strength training for runners and non-runners alike. Drop us a line for a consultation.

NB The booking system will remain in Tavistock currently for sports injury treatments, sports massage, etc on selected days.

Our new loyalty programme

Finally, from October 2022, we are offering all customers 11% off your second pair of shoes bought from Run Venture, by signing up to our loyalty programme with Loyal Sign on in-store or online via the loyalzoo app. To clarify, if you sign up and buy a pair of shoes from us, you can use the points to get 11% off your second pair.

Why are we doing this?

Online purchases from major brands and large retailers have increased in recent years for many reasons and while I understand this, I still think an in-store fitting experience is worth far more than a recommendation from your hairdresser, or a complete stab in the dark purchase.

Online stores may be cheaper, but you will not get to pick the brains of an experienced runner in the trade, and get to try a selection of shoes before you part with your pennies.

I value the expertise and service my staff give to you the customer, and I think the time they spend with you is worth that discount you might get off online.

If you value your local independent running store, then please show us by paying for our service.

The quest for the perfect running shoe

Finally, we are all looking for that perfect shoe. Sorry to burst your bubble but they don’t exist, and if they once did, your feet and the model has changed since then! There are shoes that can do both road and trail but they are a jack of all trades and master of none. To wear the same pair, day in and day out (and for work and walking to the shops in... yes you know who you are because I’ve caught you at it!) means they will wear out faster. Its far better to get a pair of shoes for your road running and one for trail, or one for racing in and one for daily training. Your body will thank you for it and so will your bank balance. Sir Lewis Hamilton doesn’t drive to Costa in his racing car, does he?

So, in summary, as promised:

  1. The Helston store has closed

  2. Wednesday opening hours from October in Tavistock to change to 10:30am - 7pm

  3. No need to book an appointment online unless for a sports injury or personal training session

  4. We have a sports therapy clinic and rehab centre available for one to one appointments

  5. 11% off your second pair of shoes

  6. There is no such thing as a perfect running shoe!