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Col's Blog: what’s been going on at Run Venture...

Dearly beloved runners,

Firstly, thank you for sitting there all patient, like. It’s been ages since I put finger to key pad and verbally vomited on the laptop/ iPhone. I have very few excuses, but life seems very busy, which is a feeling I bet we all share.

So, while I have a moment, I thought I would update you with what’s been going on at Run Venture...

New neighbours: Physiotherapy @ Run Venture Clinic

In Tavistock, some keen-eyed people amongst you will have spied our logo above the store next door: Run Venture Clinic. Lots of work has been going on downstairs to convert this space into our gym/ treatment room.

To that end, I would like to welcome Dawn, who is a qualified physiotherapist and will be working out of our clinic from the end of the month. I will let Dawn introduce herself more formally in due course but just to let you know - she is a runner! Click link to find out a bit more about Dawn and the holistic physiotherapy sessions she'll be offering...

Concurrently, I myself will be continuing to offer sports massage therapy, one-to-one run specialist strength and conditioning, and regular one-to-one fitness training. Just message to book a session or a block of sessions. Gift vouchers are available for these sessions and make for great gifts this Christmas!

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