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Colin graduates from the School for Social Entrepreneurs

Colin graduates from the School for Social Entrepreneurs

So here is yours truly.... graduating from the School for Social Entrepreneurs. I am now officially a fellow... and I couldn't have done this without all you runners.

My aim was to start a social running club initially for people with mental health illness as the power of running has been for me such a great healer.

However, I quickly realised that this was not very inclusive, and as 1 in 3 people have suffered some form of mental illness, I decided to set up an all inclusive running group with no barriers. A sort of large dragnet to catch everyone.

It is no secret I have struggled in the past, and I am not alone. The leading cause of death in men under 45 is suicide.

This running group is yours and you can take it anywhere you wish... from ultra races to running around picking up litter and effecting social change.

However, my one hope is that it, and by that I mean running, makes you smile.

It makes me smile and that is the best medicine I have ever had.

Thank you trail warriors for the journey so far.

Keep your trainers dirty and your mind clean.

Colin Kirk-Potter

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