How to stop your running shoes from slipping in the heel

Dearly beloved runners,

Today’s lesson is about how to stop your running shoes from slipping in the heel, and also help give you an extra millimetre in the toe box.

To many this is common knowledge but for every three pairs I sell in store at least one customer has no idea what the extra hole is for (see photo 1). And why would they?

Shoes bought off the internet don’t come with instructions, advice, tips on how to clean or lace up for the best fit!

Unless bought from a quality retailer with a passion for running, this information has to be searched for.

So if you want a more secure fit in the heel, particularly relevant for technical or muddy terrain, follow the photos below, and feel free to comment for more detailed instructions.

Alternatively come in store for more expert advice on everything running.

Mind how you run.


(Pictured is the new Hoka Torrent

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