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Lockdown 2.0 Update: Although you cannot come into our stores, we are still here for you...

Dearly beloved runners,

So Wednesday 4 November was the last ‘normal’ trading day for a while and I just want to thank all of our friends, fellow runners and customers for all your support to date. I also want to thank the Run Venture team for adapting and reacting so well to this latest lockdown.

Life keeps throwing a different spanner in our direction every day to keep us on our toes, both from a business point of view, and personally.

This has always been and will continue to be so. That’s life. It’s why it’s so great!

I was brought up on a certain set of values from my two families, one being the Royal Marines. One of these ‘elements of Commando Spirit’ which always remains with me is: Cheerfulness in the face of adversity.

I admit to having the odd deep sigh but in the end, we have got to get on and make do.

So to that end...

Although you cannot come into our stores as normal, we are still here for you in the following ways:

  • All our stock can still be sold to you over the phone, and you can pay by PayPal or BACS

  • You can phone the store, email us or contact us through the usual social media channels

  • We are able to provide virtual gait analysis and shoe fittings - just call to book an appointment or use the booking system on our Facebook page

  • You can phone/ message and then pick up items from our Tavistock store between 10am and 2pm or we can post items out with no postage charge

  • We can also provide a one-to-one running movement session in person to assess your running form and coach how to run better for improved performance and injury prevention.

  • We will also be offering ‘ask the expert’ sessions throughout the lockdown to keep you running

  • We can still talk you through the best kit choices - just give us a ring or message us through the usual channels

  • Someone will be on hand in our Tavistock store to pick up messages and give the same level of service that you have been accustomed to.

If in doubt, just get in touch

Stay safe everyone and enjoy your running! Hopefully we will all be back together soon enough, and stronger for it.

Mind how you run,

Col, Laura and the team

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