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Lockdown 2.0 Update: We have a plan!

Dearly beloved runners,

Rather than make rash announcements on the back of the latest news, we thought it best to have a condor moment and come up with a plan.

To that end, today we will do our best to contact all our customers who have appointments from Thursday onwards, and try and get them in before the end of Wednesday.

Secondly we will stay open in Tavistock till 7pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and also until 7pm in Honiton on Tuesday and Wednesday.

After that, we will revert to postal and local deliveries as before, and also continue virtual consultations via appropriate means such as zoom, etc. You can book an appointment via our Facebook page.

Personally, as the rules allow, I will also be still able to offer our 1-to-1 running movement sessions to help each individual run better.

Watch this space further as we try to negotiate our way through this to keep you guys running.

Mind how you run,