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Run across Dartmoor in a day with Adharanand Finn and Colin Kirk-Potter - 11 September 2021

Run from one end of Dartmoor to the other, following a beautiful route crossing some of the most scenic and isolated stretches of this wild, rugged national park in south-west England.

The total distance of the run is 35 miles and will be covered in a single day, setting off from the northern tip of the moor at 8am and aiming to reach the southern end before 4pm.

Run Venture's Colin Kirk-Potter will be accompanying Adharanand Finn, author of Running With The Kenyans, The Way Of The Runner and The Rise Of The Ultra Runners.

A support vehicle will meet the group at points along the way, where runners will be able to restock their water and food supplies. There are also at least three public toilets along the route. The support vehicle will also offer the option for people to end their run early if necessary.

Along the way you’ll have plenty of time to chat with Adharanand and Colin and get their insights on writing, running and everything in between. Adharanand will also share stories and insights from his experiences in Kenya, Japan and the world of ultra running.

The price of the trip is £75.

In order to keep the group together, we suggest only signing up if your marathon time is under 4.5 hours. If you haven’t run a marathon, but you think you could run one in under 4.5 hours, that’s good enough for us.

You will need trail shoes and warm running kit in case it gets cold - including a waterproof jacket. Also a running backpack, plenty of snacks, water and a packed lunch.

Click link for more information and to book: