Run Venture launches new Trade-In Programme

We are delighted to launch our new Trade-In Programme. Bring in your old running shoes and receive a voucher worth up to £20 towards your next pair of new runners.​

Alternatively, you can come and browse our second-hand shoe collection to get a great deal on gently used running shoes.

So why are we doing this?

For many people just starting out on their running journey, the investment in new running shoes can be a barrier to taking up this fantastic activity. Many just start out by running in what looks like plimsolls found in the shed or bottom of the cupboard. Often gently used running shoes are ideal for those just starting out while you save for a new pair.

More than 24 billion pairs of shoes are made every year in the world. Each shoe can have up to 60 different components, making them difficult to recycle. It can be done, but this is quite an involved process. By re-using shoes, we can prevent running shoes going to the incinerator or into landfill.

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