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Run Venture launches the Pimple Challenge

We at the Run Venture Running Hub, home of the already popular Dartmoor 600 Challenge and Run Venture Rollercoaster​, have come up with the Pimple Challenge.

The Rules

  1. Challengers begin at the Run Venture Running Hub, counted down by our staff and cheered on by customers

  2. The route is up to the individual, as there are a couple of options

  3. A photo with our loyalty card is taken when the Pimple is reached. Then it is a race back to the hub where our timer will be stopped on arrival

  4. The Challenge is to be completed on foot only meaning no cars, bikes etc can be used

  5. The challenge can be done any time the shop/ café is open.



Start location: Run Venture Running Hub, 7 West Street, Tavistock, Devon, PL19 8AD

Date: Whenever the shop/ café is open

Time: You decide when you want to run

Route: To the Pimple and back!