"Run Venture shop owners are bloody knowledgeable and know their stuff" - Joe

Had a spontaneous visit to Run Venture in Honiton to buy a new pair of road shoes as my last pair were a bit uncomfortable and making running unpleasant.

Over the past year due to covid etc. I'd gotten used to buying similar running trainers and online without getting the fit perfectly correct and trying stuff on. So I decided to go visit Run Venture at Honiton to get my shoes sorted.

Colin at Tavistock is like an encyclopedia of running shoe knowledge so I was hoping that Honiton would be just as good. I was not disappointed. The service was excellent and the knowledge of the bloke (sorry didn't catch the name) was amazing. [It was James].

I turned up with a general idea what I wanted from the shoe, interval 5k-10k efforts, up to 10 miles at pace but nothing concrete in mind. I received some expert guidance, a brew and had a nice running chit chat.

In the process I tried on lots of different trainers: Saucouny, inov-8, Scott and then Topo (a brand I hadn't heard of to be fair) and found the Topo to be so light, comfy, responsive and have a familiar feel to the Altras I usually wear.

It ticked all my criteria: a nice roomy toe box, low heel to toe drop 5mm and just a good fitting shoe.

Looking forward to giving em a whirl tonight.

Point of the post.

A) just visit a good running shop to buy your shoes, the extra few quid is always worth it. B) runventure shop owners are bloody knowledgeable and know their stuff!

Joe Hornsby

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