The Dartmoor 600 Members List

Everybody on this illustrious list has completed The Dartmoor 600 Challenge, which means they have run all five of the Dartmoor peaks that are over 600m - Cut Hill, Whitehorse, Hangingstone Hill, High Willhays and Yes Tor.

We will be updating this members list as and when people let us know they have successfully completed the challenge by posting their Strava or equivalent on the Dartmoor 600 Facebook page.

Click on members' names for times and routes.

  1. Colin Kirk-Potter

  2. Claire Woods

  3. Vicki Terry

  4. Emily Warren

  5. Derrick Warren

  6. Andy Powell

  7. Fran Morgan

  8. Laura Hogan

  9. Julian Sett

  10. Jo Meek

  11. Jon Meek

  12. Rob Hicks

  13. Garry Perratt

  14. 'Porky'

  15. Francis Dix

  16. Matt Luckham

  17. Christine Jeffery

  18. Mel Green

  19. Paul Evenden

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