The Run Venture Rollercoaster 2018: Col's Report & Results

Run Venture Rollercoaster 2018

Run Venture Rollercoaster 2018 Results

Dearly beloved runners,

So another successful Rollercoaster... the third one so far.

Thank you to my running family, for indulging me and turning up to run, marshal, park cars, time keep, process results, and the rest...

It’s always a big shout putting on a race, with the aim of making it meet everyone’s expectations.

Our aim was, and still is, to make you smile whatever your speed, ability etc. I hope we succeeded.

It’s always a bit nerve racking leading up to and on the day of the race. Therefore I apologise to all of my friends, of which I count every one who raced or volunteered today a friend, if I didn’t say more than hello to each of you.

I wanted to greet each of you, shake your hand and say ‘good luck’, ‘how are you?’, and ‘well done!’.

If I missed you, was short in conversation or just plain grumpy, I’m sorry. I was a tad busy.

I honestly care about your running, not just on race day but everyday. It’s why I do what I do.

I am thankful for your patronage on this day and all of the other times you come and pay me a visit, drop me an email or message.

As for a de-brief of the race, there are still things to improve while still keeping it relaxed and low key. I will reflect and plan for next year.

Thank you to La Sportiva UK for their demo shoes and 12 Paws for the donation of rosettes for the hounds.

Finally thanks to the Tamar Trail Runners who support everything we do.

See you next November!

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