The Run Venture Rollercoaster: Col's Report & Results

Run Venture Rollercoaster elevation

Run Venture Rollercoaster 2017 Results

A report on today’s Rollercoaster...

“Can we go on that one? Please can we? Please... this Rollercoaster looks awesome!”

This is not a statement often heard in relation to this particular event.

This is also not a fairground ride but instead a rather tough, if short, trail running race.

Advertised as “5 hills in 5 miles” this race is set on the upper slopes of the beautiful Tamar Valley, at Tamar Trails, just west of Tavistock.

Organised by Run Venture and the resident Tamar Trail Runners, the second staging of this popular ‘ride’ took place on Sunday 26 November 2017 with 115 hardy souls braving the inevitable ups and unforgiving downs.

There were obviously winners, but no losers, in what is a race organised by runners, for runners.

To that end, in this race report, although I could list the names of those who ran with fleet of foot and won age categories, rewarded with a bottle of fermented grape juice for their efforts, I would rather congratulate all who made it around the course, to be rewarded with a handshake and a “well done” on completion.

Not everyone can win, but everyone can achieve and all did in their own personal way.

Is it harder to run this course in just over half an hour or to be out on your feet for more than twice that length of time, knowing that many are already back warm and dry with a belly full of cake and tea?

Whatever the achievement, whether it was a pb or just the satisfaction that one had the ability to run for fun with friends and/ or dog gives this event a special vibe and togetherness.

Runners from the many clubs, local and far, with canine friend or family member, turned up in good numbers and supported their own and others on the course and at the finish.

Running is not just about racing but about being part of a social body of people who enjoy the feeling of being part of a community.

So we say well done to everyone, and from me personally, a tremendous thank you to all who got up early and helped park cars, direct runners, dished out drinks, time kept, registered and processed results. Events like this can’t and don’t work without you guys.

Mind how you run.

Colin #trailwarrior

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