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Welcome from Colin

I am the director of Run Venture Ltd and I'm a qualified mountain leader, sports therapist and coach, specialising in biomechanics and human movement.

I have completed many of the top fell races, including the self-navigating UK Mountain Trail in the Lake District, two Bob Graham Rounds, the 105 mile Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc in Europe, and numerous Mountain Marathons which involves running and navigating in remote areas over two days.

As a former Royal Marine Commando, I have represented the Royal Navy and Royal Marines in cross country and mountain races in the UK and Europe, as well as a few multi discipline races, such as the Three Peaks Yacht Race.

I believe that we were all 'born to run' but most of us have forgotten how to. Due to sitting for long periods of time, running doesn't feel natural to us any more and is actually a skill that needs to be retaught after a certain point in our adult development.

This 'degenerate evolution' often means that runners suffer with injuries, with 8 out of 10 runners getting injured at some point in their lives. And the running shoe industry isn't really helping the situation for the better.


Controversial? Yes - I can be - but I'm also very open-minded to new research, whether it's my own, or from other credible studies.


I am currently editing my first book, which is due for publication in 2023 by Pesda Press.

Colin Kirk-Potter

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